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The complete guide to accessing web data

A series of self-contained webinars to take you from zero knowledge of web data to successfully starting your web data project. 
Join us to get a better understanding of what web data is, how to get it, and best practices across use cases.
   Course length | 5 session
   Episode length | 30 mins + QA

   Course fee | FREE

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How to launch a large-scale web data extraction project

LexisNexis's web scraping journey from concept to iteration to running a large-scale project

Date: 29th March, 2023
Time: 2pm GMT | 10am ET | 7am PT

From defining our data requirements that best serve the business requirements, and selecting the right way to access web data for your project to scraping compliant, high-quality web-extracted data, we've come a long way in this journey to success with web data.

With this final webinar, we will help you connect the dots between all the different stages and apply your learnings in practice to launch a web data project from conception and iteration to design and execution.

Join our special guests Eric Platow, Senior Director of Data Science at Lexis Nexis, and Neha Setia Nagpal, Web data evangelist at Zyte as they talk about LexisNexis's journey to scrape 100k websites.

Learn the tips and tricks of extracting web data from older websites using traditional technologies as well as new-age websites built with sophisticated tech. Eric will also share a sneak peek of the web scraping process used by LexisNexis to scrape, clean, process, and consume web-extracted data.

In this webinar, learn how to

Launch a scalable web scraping project
Ace the techniques to scrape data from all kinds of websites
Define the rules and techniques of data extraction so you scrape efficiently
Overcome challenges faced by LexisNexis while scraping 100k websites

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Previous episodes

Everything you need to know to get web data

Web Data 101: Planning for success with web data

Available on-demand

Whether you know nothing about web data or you’re an experienced data consumer, these 4 tips and tricks will help you get off to a great start by helping you understand how your data requirements should match your business and technical requirements from the very start.

Learn how to set the foundation of any web data project on solid ground with Neha, our Web Data Evangelist, and David, Head of Solution Architecture at Zyte.

Understand what data you need, how to get it, and how to avoid some of the common mistakes made by rushing in without a plan.

In this Webinar set yourself up for success by learning to:

  • Define Business Requirements vs Data Requirements
  • What is web scraping and Data as a Service
  • Select Data Attributes
  • Understand the Web Data Maturity Model

Don't forget to grab your free checklist at the end of the webinar to help you start your web scraping project the right way.

Our team

Meet the experts in web data extraction

Neha image-02

Neha Setia Nagpal

Web Data Evangelist

Neha is a story-teller and loves to weave stories to explain tech concepts in a funny yet relatable way. Want to know how baking cakes and Machine Learning are similar? Feel free to message her.

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Pierluigi Vinciguerra

Co-Founder and CTO
Re Analytics

Pierluigi has 12+ years of expertise in data management, from web data integration and scraping to business intelligence. At Re Analytics his team crawls 1+ Billion price points every month to extract consumer and luxury goods data.

Join his substack - The Web Scraping Club

Eric Platow

Eric Platow

Senior Director of Data Science LexisNexis

Eric is an expert in building scalable, reusable components that come together in order to make our data stewards become superheroes.  He leads a team of data scientists, data engineers, and the data steward team through a transformation from fully manual data collection to automated data collection and processing.


Artur Sarduski

Data Scientist

Artur is a Data Scientist and works closely with quality and process optimization in web scraping. He thrives on developing innovative solutions for complex problem.
Ask him how he applies biology or financial analysis principles to web scraping.

Zyte_Panelist_Sanaea Daruwalla

Sanaea Daruwalla

Chief Legal Officer


Sanaea is one of the leading experts on web data extraction laws and has spoken about ethical web data extraction and legal compliance at many conferences including Extract Summit.

Zyte_Panelist_David Comber

David Comber

Head of Solution Architecture


David is accomplished at developing and managing solutions across web data. He is an expert at architecting scalable solutions and deliver quality projects.

Liam image 2

Liam O'Callaghan

Global New Business Sales Lead

Liam leads the New Business team at Zyte. Liam is an expert in understanding the role of web data in different projects. His New Business team matches Zyte's products and services with customers who need web data.

Theresia image

Theresia Tanzil

Web Scraping Expert

Theresia is a data strategist and knowledge management expert who helps businesses gain external competitive edge and reach internal clarity & focus through the process of transforming data into actionable knowledge.


Paweł Miech

Team Leader - Software Engineer

Paweł has several years of experience developing advanced crawling solutions using Scrapy framework. He loves contributing to open source and is one of the authors of ScrapyRT framework and has made contributions to Splash.


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